Welcome to the Gariseda Hotel

The secret is in the passion that for over 30 years inspires Montebelli's family, is in the tender of someone who made of greeting his pleasure and occupation, is in the little gestures that will make you feel at home.

A perfect binomial between Romagna's traditional hospitality and nowadays needs, Montebelli's group supported changes by leaving the value of little things unchanged.

Sincerity, friendship and details carefulness are an everyday realty and espouse nowadays trends permit the group to satisfy your precise needs.

Are you looking for a posh and great demanded hotel? Are you looking for a baby-sized hotel? Are you looking for a freedom holiday? Montebelli's Group has an answer for all your questions, because it made of the otherness between structures its strong point, and of the facilities joining its strength.

Smiles, chatters and discreet attentions will be fixed in your memory book.

From the Riccione sojourn you will bring at home a pinch of Romagna and a piece of the hotels that received you as guests and greeted you as friends.

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